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On Figuring It Out...

Let me start out and say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This past week has been the craziest, most amazing seven days ever! I still get giddy when I realize that this is all real. 

I have no idea how many people even make it to this part of the site, but for those of you who have, welcome! I hadn't initially intended to have any type of "blog" for lack of a better word (I'm soo not a blogger!) as a part of Serendipity Boutique, but the more I thought about what I really wanted to accomplish, the more I liked the idea. It is definitely not something that I will be posting on 24-7. I may do once a week, maybe once a month, just whenever I have something to say. As you may have gathered from the title of this post, i'm still just figuring it out. 

When I was thinking about what I wanted Serendipity Boutique to be, It was easy to determine my goals. The obvious would be success, which means selling clothes, but that wasn't at the top of my list. It's so special to be able to take my passion and have the opportunity to not only share it, but to make it into a career, but in order to build something that at the end of the day I am proud of, it isn't just about profit, it has to be authentically me.

That's what I decided was important to me. I want to do this on my terms. At 23 i'm trying to find a balance between taking advice, and not letting my voice and my vision get lost in what i'm "supposed" to do. 

I'll promote clothes I believe in, i'll be available to my customers and transparent with them, i'll write handwritten thank you notes because I believe it's important and i'll share my life with you if you'll have me. 


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